Monday, June 30, 2008

Work, Work, Work,

Today was quite a crazy fishing trip. It started off great, It was Matt, Kyle(XBAMFX), and myself. I invited Lyf Erickson and his family, and also one of my customers Wade Milne. He was going to bring up his boys and go shoot rock chucks. We got up around 4 and all had some action, but not a lot. Kyle got a couple, I don't remember what Matt did, I got one that was a 19," that was quite a fight, and quite heavy. Lyf and Bryn were spinner fishing around the spring side of the lake. They weren't having any luck though. Wade showed up, so I kicked back to shore to tell him where to go, but he was all alone and hinted that he wanted me to show him where to go, so I did. By this time it was about 7:30, so I had some good time in the water already, so i figured what the hell. I hadn't got to spend anytime with Wade outside his shop, so i figured it would be a good opportunity. I showed him some places and he shot some rock chucks. We got to talk and get to know each other a little better which was great. He seemed like he really enjoyed it as well. Lyf caught up with us and Bryn got to watch Wade shoot a couple rock chucks. She seemed to enjoy it, its a darn shame. We had walked around until about dusk, so i got back in the water in time to get another hit, but missed another one. I had about 3 hits landed one. It has been very slow fishing lately, but when you get one its always a special treat. They are harder fighting and a lot bigger than the last few years, but not the volume, catch 22. On the way home we sure had a good time listening to Kyle tell us about WOW, what a game. Even though I had to do what i hate the most, watching people shoot live animals with guns, it turned out to be an all right trip.

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MAGNETO said...

I landed three varying in size from about 17 to 20 inches. Also i agree with Kyle that this year has been odd. Not only is the fishing slower, with bigger fish, but the three I caught and the ones I missed setting the hook were often caught in deep water with a very slow retrieve. Both zbamps(Kyle L) and myself found most of our success using the slow retrieve in the middle of the lake.