Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Tying Session, Red Birds, Black Birds, Chongs, Rojos(Chironomids)?, Eggs

Getting ready for an upcoming fishing trip for some spawning rainbows. First attempt at the glue eggs. I'm hoping to figure out the clusters, but we will see.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Riding with the King

Pure Awesomeness
Me and Sir Noah rockin our patches for the party
Rocking my new favorite shirt(Steal Your Face, The Fly Fish Journal) with some family for our party.

If you have ever fished with me in the 801 you know my love of these chocolate dunford donuts. See above for results of what they do to my tummy.

I got out this week to keep up the tradition of fishing on the birthday. As I am writing this I was thinking of when this fishing on the birthday thing all started. The one that sticks out was when I was 15sh(ten years ago) and my Mom drove me out to Quail Lake while letting me sluff school. I fished out in the rain and hard wind in my older brothers circular float tube and neoprenes. I only lasted an hour or so and didn't catch anything, but it was memorable to say the least.
The Drake's Fly Fishing Film Festival was bananas. I went with a couple buddies and we really liked some of the shows that will be coming out soon. It also got me itching bad for some more saltwater action.
Matt and I also hit the Provo for the day. It was great to get out in February in the snow, of course Matt the Master caught all the all fish, just ask him;) We had some luck on the Middle Provo fishing deep and also had some luck throwing dries in fish inhaling midges on top. We ended the day fishing down on a section of the Lower Provo. Matt caught a 29" rainbow with the tail pinched it was 30", but we didn't have our cameras, dang...... I also found some sweet new polorarized Smith sunglasses on the river imagine that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I write Czechs

Hook: Tiemco 2487 Thread: 6/0 Danville white
Underbody: Wrapped lead tape
Body: Burnt Orang Scud Dubbing
Ribbing: 5x tippet and flat gold tinsel
Back: Latex Glove colored with markers

I've decide I want to try fishing more czech/scud type patterns so I whipped up my first batch. I found some lead tape at Uinta Golf and started tying. I really like the way lead tape makes the fly look and it adds a good amount of weight without the bulk of the lead wire.