Sunday, November 23, 2008

Skunked...... Mammoth, Asay/Bass Pond

Fishing trip with Kyle Lallis. No fish, didn't even see a fish. Cold line and eyelets froze.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kyle & Kyle Blue Springs

Pictures coming

This trip was quite a let down compared to the week before. We woke up early and got in the lake. The lake had a thin layer of ice I broke through with my pontoon boat. I caught a few fish that day on dark zonkers, but not many. I can't remember how Kyle did. I know he had some fish chasing some spinners why he let his waders dry out from his float tube. Oh, he did land one on a spinner now i think about it. I invited Leo Fehrenbacker and he brought a buddy and a car full of kids. I told him the secret spot, and they caught fish pretty consistently. They took home a stringer of about 6 fish probably averaging 3lbs each.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kolob/Blue Springs

Pictures Coming

I started fishing in my pontoon today at Kolob Reservoir around 7:30. There were only 3 other fishermen at the reservoir all of them were from Nevada. They were very talkative and helpful. We all talked about our day and shared patterns we were having luck with. I was fishing with olive and brown zonkers. I had landed a 4 there that morning, but missed a couple nice fish.

I decided around 12 to go to blue springs, so after eating my lunch i got on the water around 1. I didn't stop catching fish from the time my fin hit the water. I started fishing with an olive zonker and probably landed 12-14 fish. These weren't just any fish. They were all above 3lbs, and that's being very conservative. Every fish I caught was longer than 19, I had trouble releasing one of the first fish, and had to keep it. I thought it was going to be one of the smaller fish and that 19" was the smallest fish I caught all day. I measured every fish and Check Spellingthe biggest was 21 1/2" and the rest were between 19" - 21 1/2".

Matt and showed up around 4 to fish for himself. He caught a few in about an hour and a half's time. I ended up fishing from 7:3o and got home around 7. It was a great day and had such a good time. Even though i was by myself i was laughing and having such a good time catching all those fish i couldn't keep it in. I listened to my ipod most of the day and noticed that i was much more patient and relaxed with my fishing. There aren't many days like this and i definitely wont forgot it.

Hatch with Ty

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Asay with Matt

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Green River Trip

What a trip.....more coming