Friday, October 15, 2010

Guns, Ribs, Brookies.....

Headed for the mountains for a quick overnight trip with the fellas for some fishing. We haven't gotten out much this year all of us in school, even though Matt's school is a piece of cake. We fished into the evening the first night and I caught that football of a brookie, only 19" long but it was darn near that wide as well. We all caught some really colored up Colorado River Cutthroats, but nothing to big.
After hiking down the trail in the dark pistols out and flashlights covering ever inch of tree line we made it back to camp for some awesome Lloyds Ribs, for your info you can get the knock off version at Costco, but they are not as good;) for you Mike.
When we woke up we had to build a fire to thaw out our boots and warm up from the frigid mountain air. Poor Matt had to cuddle up to Mike all night to stay warm. I think he was sucking his thumb when I saw them. It was so cute though I didnt want to wake them....
We hiked to a couple different small lakes that had some fish that weren't cooperating, but managed to get some tigers and cutts throughout the day.
On our way back we ran into a couple good ol boys on the trail that had a supposed awesome secret brookie lake that was supposed to be awesome. We were planning on heading home, but we figured we better do this since it might be pretty soon before snow flies and we can't get back up there. We got there and could see the bottom of the lake the entire way across and saw two fish. Dirty SOB.
Ended up being a good trip, but it is always better when you catch the biggest fish of the trip.