Thursday, September 18, 2008

Asay Again

Today Matt and I took off early for a little fishing trip. I was getting my truck repaired, and he was out early for SEOP's. We decided to go to Asay. We left around 12 and got there around 2. We started fishing the mammoth river down where the big cottonwoods are right before the Asay flows into it. We had all right luck i caught a 10-11" right off the get go, on a bh prince nymph dropped behind a stimulator. We then drove back to where Ty and I fished the week before. We worked are way up the river heading south from the town of Hatch. Matt caught one as soon as we got there on a dry. I stared fishing up stream and had minor success' with dry's and nymphs. Caught a few smaller fish, and missed many on the dry. Matt and i started working are way up river and both catching and missing fish fairly often. On our way up river i caught another 10". It put up a great fight and on the strike nailed a black zebra midge as soon as it touched the water. While walking up the river I spooked a fish out of a pool into the open. It was at least a 17" brown. It was seriously huge. I couldn't believe that size of fish would be in these waters. We both kept getting hits and for the most part missing them, but still having fun. When we were just about done, we saw another huge fish swimming through the river. I couldn't believe the size of these fish. I'm excited to give the Asay another shot and possibly snag a couple of those big browns. The fish were bigger this trip, but not as constant. The weather was off and on. It was raining when we got there and quickly after the sun shone through and burned off the clouds. We also saw a coyote by the river and on the way home saw a gray fox in Zion.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beaver Round 2

I decided to go to beaver a week after my last trip. This time alone. I went up around 2 and started fishing higher up the river than the last time. I pulled off the road that had a pull off with a pretty large area free of debris. I'm sure its a popular spot for fishermen, but decided to fish it anyways. I started of with a stimulator and got some hits and landed a few, but i wanted to practice my nymphing skills. I started with a flashback nymph probably a size 16. I got a lot of action off that. It was great fishing and caught a handful of fish. The fish were bigger this go around. I caught one around 10" nothing to amazing, but not fishing rivers and streams a lot i was excited. I fished for around 3 hours and then drove to cedar and went up the back way to kolob to stay with ty and april. I was so gitty due to the fishing i could barely talk without laughing. I found a new place that is so much fun and not to far of a drive.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Asay and a little Mammoth

Another day for the books. Ty and I decided to go again, so we decided to head toward Hatch, UT. We left today around 2 and got there around 4. Longer than I expected, we had to wait at the tunnel. We started fishing off the road that follows Asay Creek, before the Asay Mammoth confluence. We were having great luck, well Ty was. I caught a few, but Ty was unstoppable. He was catching them left and right. We fished dry's and nymphs. We moved around alot, but ended up at the culvert where mammoth flows into the Asay. Ty went through first and caught a very good sized rainbow, around 12-13"? It was a great fish. We caught alot of fish today, and had a great time. I think next time we'll have to fish sevier, who knows. It was a little scary driving home almost hit several deer, but made it home safely. I guess you never know who is going to be your next fishing partner. I never would have expected me and Ty to go fishing 2 in a week. It is good i hope he can keep going.

Beaver River

Today I heard from a customer of mine that beaver creek had some great fish and they were biting. So.. it being Friday i thought well i better check it out. I called Ty and he was down, so we took off around 2. We got there and fished right around Doyal Smiths lot by the river and caught some small little browns, and then i hooked onto a monster brown right by the bridge. I landed it and it was around 14-15," what i thought to be pretty big for the size of the stream. We both were catching fish off and on, all of them smaller, but still fun to catch on dries. We were using stimulaters, elk hair caddis', anything that floated well. We then went into the main canyon and fished behind and around the first water station, we didn't do to well, so we drove down river and fished in a different area and both caught fish there. Ty had a few really good hits, one that we think was a lunker, but who knows. After fishing we went to dinner with the Smiths at Marias. It was good food, but great fishing. It was good to go fishing again with Ty. It had been awhile, but we picked up right where we left off. It was great.