Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Windy One

Emily and I went to Kolob to stay with my Mom's entertainment, so I invited Tim Herrera to come up for a quick trip. I met Tim and his brother at the lake around 7pm. The winds were in the 20mph constantly they're might have been gusts in the 30's. It was miserable weather, but I didn't want Tim to drive up for nothing. We fished for a couple hours. I caught one out in my tube on a pheasant tail. It was terribly windy and I could barely move around in the water. Tim and his brother were throwing spinners from the shore. They didn't get anything, but with the weather we weren't expecting much. We did talk about planning a Boulder Mountain trip, so that excited me. I will be fishing up in Circleville this weekend at Paiute and the Sevier river.

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