Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rainbows and Rodents

Day 1. This weekend I fished a couple different places and both were equally unique. I started off the trip heading up to the same old place with Dan. We were chasing spawning browns and fishing near reds. We caught some fat rainbows that were munching on the browns eggs behind some reds early on in the day. We caught some browns too but nothing to crazy a 19" for me and a skinny 22" for Dan. The salmon were done spawning and therefore dying, it was different watching the dead salmon floating down in front of me while fishing. Also, there was this doofus that kept cutting my flies off my line when it would float by him, man what a jerk;) As it does here the wind blew hard all day and we were ready to call it a day pretty early. We ended up hitting the usual last hole of the trip. Dan ended up catching the fattest brown I have ever seen. It was so awesome I caught my self rolling on the ground laughing until I had tears in my eyes. We caught more fish this trip than I had hear which was great. Lots of rainbows and a memorable brown.

Decent 21" rainbow
Gill plate color
look at its gut, not mine.........
awesome colors
19" brown. Jerk I was fishing with wouldn't walk over to get a grip'n grin picture.
fat 23" rainbow
it twas a lunker
toothy sucker
tubby & tubby
shoulders and gut just like its catcher

Day 2. The next morning Matt and I took off to hit a little lake with some tiger trout. We wanted to catch them on mice patterns so we left early in the morning to hit first light. I knew 3:30a.m. was to early but Matt didn't. We fished in the dark for an hour, kinda creepy, but when the stars started fading and the light started creeping in the tigers turned into monsters attacking the mice. I missed probably 15 awesome hits and had lots of "noses" and follows. It was nerve racking to have a big wake behind a huge mouse pattern and knowing that the beast is going to strike anytime. I ended up landing one on the mouse, but was to worried about getting measurements and it took off before pictures were taken. Matt caught some pigs, a 23" and a 24" both taken on the mice. His biggest fish to date, and first on a mouse. We ended the day not too long after the sun came up, but by then we had put in a good 8 hours:)

Mike's Mutant Mouse
Mikes 23 7/8" tiger no matter what he says;) on the mouse!
SLAMMED the mouse
Another $ shot for Mike the genius behind the Mutant Mouse
Most disgusting fish I have ever seen. Awful slanted mouth and in all ways a retarded fish.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Proud like he's my own son

I am going the same way Mike went with his post. I am so proud of our little guy, I mean just look at him, who wouldn't want to put this kid on the cover of a magazine? Scott Donaghe that guides down on the beaches of California came to southern Utah for a visit and got some shots with the notorious Mathew when he volunteered to take him fishing(wish I wouldn't have so graciously bowed out due to small water fishing and the being crowded factor;))
I don't know which picture I like more

I'm really proud of you and your Adidas chucko.