Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Did I Know.

Headed to Kona for my brothers wedding and after that my family spent a week in Kauai. I was excited about this because I wanted to go bonefishing. I didn't get out on my honeymoon when I was there last year, so I was going to make up for it by fishing all week.

I called Rob and had the Monday of that week booked to go fishing a couple weeks before we left. Then after paying what I already thought was too much money for a guide for 4 hours I would make up for it by fishing all week and getting into larger than average bones. Little did I know....

We got there on Sunday and it was raining hard, Monday rain too. We arranged to go later in the week when it was better weather. I was thinking Tuesday or Wednesday, but we didn't get out until Friday, not because the weather, but for whatever reason. I think it had to do with him knowing I was planning on fishing all week, so he wanted me to go the last day I was there.

He called me at 10 at told me to meet me at the beach at 11. I thought it seemed a little late, but he's the guide right? I traveled from 2,000 miles away and accidently forgot my glasses. I thought oh he does this everyday he should have an extra pair, nope. Not an extra pair of sunglasses and he's a bonefishing guide. My fault, but still not an extra pair for clients? WTH?

So we went out I had the first cast on a good bone and it hit, but didn't take all the way and didn't get it. I had about 8 or 10 other shots but I couldn't see what I was casting at/or cast wasn't where it needed to be. After 3 hours of fishing guide called it quits, ya thats right $350 for 4 hours and he quit at 3 hours. NO drinks, no snacks, no glasses, no real advice given. Don't waste your $ on Rob in Kauai, he's the only guide there and I am wondering why now.

If your serious about going to Kauai don't book Rob for the insane price, We can work out a trade or something $50 or so and I will tell you how to catch a bone, even though I didn't catch one. I will even tie you the flies that he uses for the bones there and send them. If I was there one more day I would have, but guide strategically planned for my last day there.

Also, the reason he fishes late in the day I found out randomly enough is he is an artist on the island making shell necklaces that sell for a lot of money, so he spends the prime fishing hours in the morning on finding shells. Then hoses tourist on his insane prices for fishing. I wouldn't have found this out, but my family met him in the morning on the beach finding shells the same day we went fishing.

I was unprepared by not having glasses. Flies I knew I was going to buy some from guide when I was there, but when paying that much $ the little things should be taken care of, especially when you are a destination fishing guide.

This post will lead into my upcoming post about picking the right guide.