Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Complicated (Day 2)

Today we tried to figure out where to access boulder creek. We started off by taking burr trail road and ended up at deer creek, we fished it for a few minutes and had no luck. We ended up asking a local cowhand if we could access the creek at his land. Boy, what a treat he was, we heard sayings like," it's complicated, things got real weird, big boy about 6'5" and killed a guy." We ended up fishing a side ditch, i caught one small rainbow on a bugger. Mike had a 3 weight he wanted to deflower, so we headed back to calf creek to see if we could catch some more of the little dinks from the day before. We were sorely surprised when we saw a parking lot with about 6 cars there and a couple fishermen already there. We decided to try below the campground. No luck, spooky fish. We then decided to start heading back towards home and fish a stream on our way home. I am not going to mention where we went here, but will say we used our hb187 rights. We were fishing streamers chasing big trout. One of my first cast I had a monster fish smash my zonker. However, I couldn't keep it on, but it did feel like a monster fish. We then proceeded up the stream and Mike landed a little brownie around 14." I had a couple more fish take, but couldn't get them in. Mike got a few bites as well. It was a great end to a great fishing trip. We ended the trip excited to go back for more.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Birthday Present Day 1

Besides Emily's awesome gift (fishing stuff, concert tee blanket), the only thing better was the fishing at Calf Creek in Escalante, Utah. I originally planned a trip to Lees Ferry, but couldn't get anyone with boat experience that could go. My friend Mike that I met a month earlier was set on fishing as much as I was, so we decided to go fish Calf Creek and surrounding streams. We took off after my college class and got to Escalante around 1. We started fishing in the camp ground in a deep pool and both had fish right off the start on dry flies. We fished the hole for awhile and moved on. Every hole we came to we caught fish. It was a great day, February and an entire day fishing dry flies. We didn't catch a fish over 10," but caught lots of little brownies. Great day. More to come for day 2