Friday, June 19, 2009

No Bananas Mike

Mike heres your link you non believer. Bananas

Tough day at the ol Blue Springs, for the four of us anyways. Matt seemed to do just fine in the couple hours he was there. Started off talking to some members and listening to them tell me there is no fish in there your wasting your time. Whatever, not tough for the master, and especially when I hooked up on a nice 20" in the first 10 minutes out, also bad luck. Matt hooked up right away as well, also a nice 2o". I don't think theres any fish in there smaller than 18". Matt missed one, but ended up getting couple more nice trout. We pumped the first fishes belly, it had a nice olive damsel nymph. Fished them half the day, and nothing.

Greg Anderson made the trip with us and he had lots of action, but landed 3 I think? Steve came later in the day, and only fished a couple hours, but had no luck. Mike, what to say about this yayhoo. You would think being a supposed fishermen he would have heard that bananas are bad luck. Not Mike, he ate half a bushel on the way up, jinxing all of us. Slow day on the lake, but the weather was nice, and the fish caught were big. Next time if you invite monkey boy anywhere make sure he doesn't bring his bananas:)
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Put your HANCOCK on it. PLEASE

For any of you not sure about what is going on with Kolob reservoir. There was a petition passed around last year at local gas stations to change Kolob back to state regulations(bait fishing and 4 fish bag limit). The division of wildlife put together a committee to see what the best management plan would be for Kolob. The committee full of non fishers and cabin(trailer) owners was a very bias committee with a definite agenda, and did not use facts to come up with there plan.

The goals of the DWR 10 years ago was to lower amount of fish put into Kolob, it was to expensive stocking the lake so much, due to amount of fish harvested. Keep a healthy population of Colorado Cutthroat in reservoir, so Cutthroat can control size and population of golden shiners. Kolob has been proven to do all of the above goals, but since petition, DWR is turning there back on management plan and scientific data. If you would like more detail, facts, please email me at

I finally have it ready. If you haven't got a chance to sign the petition to protect the fishery and the Colorado cutthroat in Kolob Reservoir here it is. Also, if you know of anyone that would be willing to post it on there site or blog to help with signatures it would be a big help. Let everyone you know to sign it, we need as many signatures as we can. My goal is 20,000.

Here it is


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pinders Pond

Headed up north to meet Mike, Dan, and Charlie. We met up at Pinders Pond and started fishing. It was an overcast day and our thoughts of monster tigers and cutthroats took over. However, thinking about catching fish is about all that happened. We fished until about lunch or about as long as we could handle not catching anything.

We then went and fished a local river. It was fairly hight, but still clear. It rained on us pretty hard for a couple hours. We dropped Charlie off to fish some tribal water, where he supposably caught fish, but who really knows:)

Mike, Dan, and I went fished on the other side of the tribal water. Dan had the biggest brown in the river on, but he decided to not land it. I sure wish he could set the hook:) I caught a couple cookie cutter browns, but nothing of size. It was fun to learn the new water, and fish with some cool guys.

We knew the fishing at Pinders could be slow when we went, but wanted to check it off the list and hoped to have better luck. It was a good trip, but the next day that Mike and I didn't fish, Charlie and Dan went out again. Charlie caught a hog, if he is cool with me posting the picture of it will be up soon. Until then feast your eyes on some scenery, fish pictures were lacking.

What Mike and I missed the next day.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Slab of the Month


Link to Moldy Chum

Soft Plastic Baits for Thought

I had to keep this going, I got this off Moldy Chums site. Makes you think of about the earplug chuckers at Kolob.

Just got this note from Matt McKeever (Senior PR Rep from L.L. Bean department of affairs):

Greetings Moldy Chum!

Maine's Inland Fisheries and Wildlife did a study recently on how the ingestion of soft plastics harm fish...not only are they an environmental menace, fish arevoluntarily eating them...and as you might imagine, are getting harmed as a result.

In addition, by August 1, 2009, L.L.Bean Retail Storeswill no longer be offering traditional soft plastic lures and will be proud to only offer biodegradable alternatives which cost roughly the same, are just as effective and durable and breakdown naturally in waterwithin 60-90 days and within 30 days in a fish's stomach. The new assortment of biodegradable alternativesalso closely mirror the broad assortment previously represented by the traditional soft plastics L.L.Bean was offering.
Read more at the American Fisheries Society