Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some more Bass

I got a text from Aaron on Monday asking if I fish on Mondays, I responded I fish everyday. We hooked up after work and went looking to rip some lips. I knew Aaron had has some difficulties hooking up on fish since he started fly fishing 8 months ago. I knew the place we were going he could get some bendo, and was even more impressed when he caught fish on his personally tied flies. The bass fishing has definitly got me excited for spring and even for the bucketmouths themselves.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bassin was Bananas

With daylight savings time giving us a little extra light at night after work me and the original crew took off for a reunion tour of some good ol bass fishing. We started on a local farm pond and had some fun with some miniature bluegill and bucket mouths. Before we ran out of light we found a pond that we new would have some hungry bass, but we never expected them to be this hungry. After the bumpy 4wd road, we found schools of monster bass ready to eat whatever we threw at them. We caught bass after bass no fish weighing less than 4lb's and the bigger ones had to be at least 7lb maybe pushing 8lb's. It was what you call an Epic day on the pond. It was good to get out with the original crew and have some of the best fishing you could have in a couple of hours. All pictures were taken on our camera phones we weren't expecting anything like this, so we left the real cameras at home. There were many more pictures, but I decided to leave a few out, we probably had about 20 pigs to hand in the 2 hours. As you'll see I grabbed the only hat I had in my truck had to keep it gangsta.

Friday, March 12, 2010


photo by Softhacke
Took a trip with a couple unknowns earlier this week. First unknown, drifted the Middle Green on the A section. Second unknown, met Softhacke on the Internet and went fishing with him and he wasn't a serial killer:) Thirdly, through some fat streamers and had some luck on them where before I hadn't had much. Fourthly, listening to Mikes advise I kept driving in the middle of a blizzard on our way home. The blizzard was so bad and the roads in such poor condition we got a room in Fillmore. Mike thinks because I'm from Southern Utah I'm pretty weak in my snow driving skills and I would usually agree, but the roads/storm were so ridiculous I think he even pee'd in his pants a little before we got to Fillmore. All and all a great trip, I was bummed about the North Platte trip I missed out on, but had a good time anyways. I didn't do much in the way of pictures, so I will leave them to Ken(Softhacke) and Mike(Fisheatflies). All I can say is Roosta's. BTW, I wrote this late......

Mahola My Brotha!

Blues are sick in that picture. Whats ugly beast on the left?
What would that cost at Red Lobster?
Choke Lobsters
Work Site:)
One big lobster
My Broha has been doing his fair share of fishing on the islands. I finally pestered him enough to get some pics. I kick myself for only snorkeling on my honeymoon, and getting worked by waves body boarding. Great looking fish, well crustaceans, I'm glad to see the Ballards have there fishy sense about them even across the equator. I'm waiting on pics of the white tip reef shark he caught and some other feesh from da island...........

Monday, March 1, 2010


Without the necasarry evil of Protein I wouldn't fit perfect into this elite club and I also woulnd't have had zoned in on these little eggs full of Proteins.
Thanks to the guys at FGFF for the free swag.