Monday, June 2, 2008

Collins Yearly Ass Kickin

May 23-Well Collin did it again. He came down without fishing since our last years fishing trip, and showed me how it was done. We started the day off the day by riding the mountain biking trail JEM trail. It was great, besides having to walk half of the trail due to a flat tire. We then headed up to Blue Springs for the night. We woke up and fished that morning. We froze, I don't think it was above 40' the entire day. The water was 52-54'. Collin caught 7 hence the picture, and I believe I caught 1 maybe 2.
May 25- We decided to go up again the next night after we all went and hiked the eagle crags in Rockville. We fished the morning, cold again. I think Collin got 4-5, and i had 2-3. Water was still cold. The entire weekend was cold, rainy and snowy. Although, terrible weather we sure had a good time. We usually fish together and shoot the breeze the majority of our time. I fished again alone that night and caught a couple but still slower than normal. This year with increased snow pack and irregularly cool season the fishing has been slow starting, but read on it gets better.

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