Monday, June 16, 2008

Flannelmouth Sucker

Today Matt and I headed up to the Virgin to try again. We started off by going up the narrows path to find out the water was still to murky, so we headed back down to the big bend lookout spot. I started off fishing with sinking line and a woolly bugger. Matt started off fishing with floating line and a woolly bugger. We fished for a fair amount of time and I finally got something on. This was it, I have finally caught a huge trout of the Virgin in the Main Canyon. Oh Contrary my friends it was not a trout. When I saw this thing I walked to the shore line and dragged it in to take a closer look. It was about 16" and yellowish in color. It had the nastiest mouth I have ever seen in all my day of fishing. I cut the line and wasn't going to touch it, but decided to quit being such a pussy and picked it up and examined it a little closer. It was uglier than I could have imagined. We didn't' have a camera, but I found some pictures of this sucker fish. Although ugly, it sure did put up a good fight. That was all we caught and headed home with our heads hung a little higher.

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