Monday, April 19, 2010

Were You Drinkin?

Always has to wear adidas or nike in all his pics. He's such a jock.Moose

Matt's 20" don't let him tell you different. We pinched the tail too just in case he tries to use that as an excuse to tell you it was a 26 3/4"

A True Chucko

When I tell you this story you might think we were drinkin. On a side note what is with cops? I'm more of a fireman guy anyways(they're the real heroes), but this last trip the three of us all received tickets. Ya not to crazy except we had 2 vehicles. I got a seat belt ticket driving 40 feet in Clint's truck, Matt got one 10 minutes later driving in to town and Clint got a warning on the way home so not 3 technically but darn close.

Here we go.........

The river was slow, so the next day we looked at the nearby reservoir and it was melting on the edges, perfect for cruising hungry trout. So after getting worked the day before on the river we headed to the lake first thing to try our luck. Of course Matt got into fish right away and I missed a couple fish that were definitely bigger. After that we hit the river again and same results so before heading home we hit the lake again. Our spirits were brightened a little when we talked to some guys that were guided down the river and they didn't catch one fish, not even a whitefish. We didn't do much better, but they said the guide said they just shocked the river and the water being so cold and low may have turned them off.

So back to the lake. We walk down throw in and Clint hooks up first catch, so I literally slide down the ice on my tush to go take a pic with my fly still in the water when I stand up to go grab the camera I lift the rod and I have a nice heavy pull. I start to try to land the fat bow and it takes a run. With only 10 feet of water showing there isn't much room for error, so when the fish took off towards the ice and jumped trying to spit the fly it jumped right on top of the ice. Freakin nuts right! So there is a 22-23" fat bow sitting on the ice no fly in its mouth flopping around. Matt and I immediately looked at each other peeing our pants were laughing so hard and start to try to foul hook the fish to pull it off the ice. I hooked into it in a couple casts and pulled it off the ice. I fought it momentarily before it got off the hook, I was bummed I didn't land it, but what a story to tell. We had a pretty good time and darn near laughed everybody off the lake. All and all pretty good trip at Quail Lake.

Here it sits on the ice by its lonesomeJust to make sure you saw it the first time:)

Clint snapped some sick pictures even of this chucko.Whats a fishing trip if you don't run out of gas once in awhileGoose nest we walked up on and the mother goose both made us pee a little when it flew off. Those eggs were the size of a fist i'd say. I had to wait for the cruisers somehow, whats wrong with taking a seat?

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