Thursday, June 19, 2008

Think we would have known

Kyle Lallis and myself took off for Blue springs around 3:30. We got up there and started fishing on what seemed to be a perfect day. There was a nice breeze on the water and the air was cooler than Hurricane by around 25 degrees. We both started fishing woolly bugger down deep. We both weren't catching anything for sometime, then Kyle got a couple fish. We both fished long and hard, I was changing flies like a fat women trying on pants that make her look skinny. Ha ha. It was very slow, Kyle and I started talking about why it might be slow, and we realized that it was a fool moon night and the moon has been out and bright for many nights now. We both started fishing are way back and both caught a fish. I got a few more bites and ended up landing one fish, and Kyle got 3. It was Kyle's first time in a float tube with a fly rod, but not his first by any means with a fly rod. (I'm sure you got a kick out of that Steve.) It was also Kyle's first time at Blue Springs. I think he enjoyed the scenery it looks a lot better than most bass ponds. I've said it once, I've said it a 100 times, "trout do not live in ugly places". We talked about going up to Blue Springs again this weekend, and also about a trip to corn creek, and the Santa Clara river.

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