Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First try at the MP

I was in SLC this weekend, Emily wanted to go to some bridal show. That was fine with me I wanted to have a shot at the middle Provo in the winter. I knew I would be going, so I gave John Schultz a call and let him know I was coming. In the past John and I had mainly fished stillwater together, but he said he wanted to catch up and needed to get out of the house anyway. I met him at his house, said hello to Susie and talked for a little bit. John also gave me some sweet beads used for spawning trout and a cool williams joseph light lanyard. We then went and fished a section of the middle Provo. It was raining, as it had all weekend. It wasn't to hard, but constant. We fished for probably 3 hours and nothing. I was shocked at how many people were fishing in the rain and cold in the middle of the winter. John says thats how it usually is and can't barely stand it generally its so crowded. We decided to go grab some food, so we stopped in Park City and had some good conversation while eating some pretty good Mexican food. Even though no fish, it was good to catch up with John again. Were waiting for the ice off at Minersville and he is going to head down here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Cherry

Finally got the skunk off my back. Ty asked me to accompany him to Moab on Sunday to look at a job he was bidding. We took off around 5 and stayed in Green River. We went and looked at the job Monday morning, and then headed back home, but not without stopping for a little fishing. We got of I-15 and headed down 89. We stopped at a spot on the Sevier to fish, but not without asking for permission. We got our permission and started fishing. I started fishing with a streamer, but quickly changed to a nymphing rig. I didn't have any luck fish the deep faster riffles, but as soon as I started fishing the slower water I had some luck. I was using a brown san-juan followed by a bh red zebra midge. I was using a little weight to go along with the tungsten bead head. I started getting fairly consistent hits, but could not land anything. I finally landed a rainbow that was probably 15." It was very lethargic, but still tugged my line. I quickly hooked up another, but couldn't land it. I kept getting hits, but it was very tough hooking up. Ty was having a hard time landing them as well, but was getting consistent hits. It was very exciting to be fishing in short sleeves in January.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Skunked, but with company, January 16, 2009

Today I met up with a Michael Anderson for our first fishing trip. I posted a forum on Utah on the fly asking if there was any interest in some winter fishing. We planned a little fishing trip to Asay or East fork of the Sevier. We met at 9:30 at Todd's Junction, got the introductions out of the way and headed to Mammoth. We got to the bridge at Mammoth and the stream was completely frozen over, so we headed to the mammoth confluence. We fished in some really fishy water, but didn't get anything. We walked under the highway and fished the Mammoth side, but nothing. We headed over to the same place I fished the week before by the cabins, and the water was a little off colored, but fish able. We put some time in here trying all sorts of different things, and nothing. I finally saw a fish when I spooked one out of a pool, but it was the only fish we saw all day. We called it quits at about 4, we then went to the gas station and had a steak sandwich. It was a great trip even though we didn't catch any fish. Mike and I have a lot in common. We got along really well, and it was cool to find someone that loves to fly fish. He is married and has a kid, but still manages to get out at least once a week. Builds his own rods, very nice ones at that, and ties his own flies. He is a great fly fishermen and great company.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Utah on the Fly

Really cool website for everything about fly fishing. I posted a forum on southern Utah winter, and if there was anyone that wanted to go fishing. In a day I already met a guy from Cedar that wants to go fishing if not this weekend soon. It's got all sorts of cool things. You have to set up an account, but its quick, just add your email and a few anti spam questions. Check it out.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Sunday Fishing Joke

There was a preacher who loved to stream fish.
One year there was a problem. Every time he had a chance to go fishing
the weather was bad, or it was on Sunday when he had to work.

All year he was unable to go. Finally it was the last week before the
streams closed.
The weather was bad all week until Sunday, when the weather was perfect.
The preacher could not resist; he called a fellow preacher claiming to
be very sick and asked if he could take over his sermon.

The fly-fishing preacher drove over 200 miles, not wishing to see anyone
he knew. An angel seeing the preacher playing hooky went to God and
said, "You're not going to let him get away with this, are you?" God
agreed he should do something. The first cast the preacher made was
perfect. The fly floated past a log and a huge mouth gulped the fly
down. For
45 minutes the preacher ran up and down the stream fighting the mighty
fish. At the end he held a 50" world record rainbow trout.

Confused, the angel asked God, "What are you doing?"

God replied, "Think about it, who's he going to tell?"

Check These Out

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Try at Winter Fishing

Today I went fishing in Hatch on the East fork of the Sevier. I wanted to go to my usual places, but they weren't accessible. First, I went to the first pull off (south) and the road hadn't been drove through, and with all the snow I didn't want to push my luck. Next, I went to the other pull off (north) and the river was frozen over, except for a couple feet in the middle. Not knowing enough about winter fishing, i didn't know what to do with that situation. I explored around Hatch and ended up fishing near the cabins where I camped last time. In the whole area of cabins I only saw one person staying, so i geared up and walked to the river through someones back yard. Everyone has turkey feeders in there back yards, so there are turkeys all over, and there huge. I started fishing a stretch of very good flats and riffles. In this area the water was murky, but I thought I'd fish it anyways. I fished started off with a type of a san-juan imitation, and a hares ear dropper. I didn't have any luck, so I switched over to a zebra midge and a red brassie. I didn't have any luck. I need to learn more about winter fishing and the techniques i need to use. All and all it was a good day to be in the water the weather was nice in the 50's. I had turkeys, deer, and even a bald eagle all right next to me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great News

My hope for trout being in the Virgin River in Zions main canyon has been decreasing, but today i found an article that gave me a little hope. I was looking at the river trying to see some fish, and had no luck, although, the water was very clear low. Here's a link of the website that gave me hope. Let me know if you wanna go fish it.


Annual Read

Every year in about December I get the fishing blues and turn to some of my favorite authors. A book that I read every year is "the river why" by James David Duncan. It is a great book about a teenager named Gus and his journey through life and fishing. If you haven't had a chance to read it I encourage you to get a copy. You can borrow mine, but its getting pretty ragged with the back cover finally falling off.