Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trout with Poppers

Matt and I took a little fishing trip Tuesday morning to Blue Springs. We left around 6:30, which is something we haven't done in at least a couple years. I caught a fish right from the beginning and it was a 20." I didn't get anything for a bit, but the fish were rising pretty steadily. I changed over to dry flies and was fishing the reeds with a 16 parachute adams. I had a few fish rise at it and landed a couple. I was kicking in my pontoon and was letting my fly just drag along and I had a fish completely smash my fly. I decided if the fish weren't very picky of the fly or presentation i would get creative. I tied on a huge stimulator and started pulling it through the water like it was a bass popper and before i could say largemouth bass I had a trout come out of the water with the hardest hit I have ever encountered with a trout. I kept stripping my fly as fast and hard as I could and the fish kept crashing harder and harder at my flies. I had a fish come sideways out of the water and rip my fly off without even a fight. After that i tied on a bass popper and had the same luck. I kept this up for awhile it was the most fun i have ever had with my fly rod. I then decided to check out the mossiest shallow part of the lake and saw the fish there rising as well. I threw a lot of different flies at these rising trout and finally got the right one. It was a damsel nymph and the fish went absolutely crazy. While this was happening Matt was slaying the trout out in the deep with woolly buggers. We quit fishing around noon and both had landed probably 4 or 5, but we both had lots of action and lots of hits. It was a great day at Blue Springs. Oh before i forget the trout were hitting so hard because the damsel flies were mating and would link together and hit into the water, so the trout were trying to hit the damsels as hard as they could. It was great.