Sunday, January 17, 2010

8x Tippet (Fluoro) & 24-26 lil midges

Sorry it's been so long, I have a hard time about getting excited about Lees Ferry anymore. It's a tailwater fishery that the fish are about 16" all day and maybe you'll hit an 18" but anything larger is not very common, for me that is. Small flies and light tippet, flows are all over and well I just think it's extremely overrated.........I'll be there this weekend though, lol the irony.

This is where you can pick up all the 8x(fluoro) sometimes 9x if there not out. Don't forget your size 22's and 24 San Juan midges.
Well what to say about the best tailwater fishing someone could imagine. I've been a couple times this year and will be there a few more times before I can fish somewhere else on a more regular basis. I'm glad I can afford 8x fluorcarbon or I don't think we would catch any fish.......

I went out with Matt and Mike once this year, we went sometime around the start of the new decade. The water was running extremely high at this time and could only fish a couple hours before we were pushed out of the water. We then pursued the inevitable hunt for carp at the docks of Lake Powell marina:) Well when I say we, I mean Mike. He loves his carp.Matt looking at the camera when he should be fishing. Such an ego on that guy, good looking jacket though.The next trip out I went out with some of my married neighbor friends that fish together. We left pretty early not early enough though, maybe we'll leave at 2:3o am. next trip;). We got on the water and immediately Amy picked up the first trip of the day. We continued to get into fish for the next couple hours, but when the water raised to its peak and started falling the fishing fell off too. I ate my typical lunch minus my ritz and dip, forgot that, but I enjoyed watching Amy and James cook spaghetti stream side on there camp stove. Looked dang good. Before we left I took my typical dip in the river. My new excuse is the wading boots I got are too big for me, no longer the felt.