Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spawn is on......

Today I was suffering from extreme allergies from the wonderful valley that I live in, so I headed to Kolob for a couple of hours of relief. I got to kolob Reservoir around 3pm. It was around 75 degrees and a slight breeze, PERFECT, I thought. By the time I was cutting the excess line of the fly the wind started blowing violently. It didn’t stop for the two hours I was there.

There was a cool middle aged guy fishing in the same area I was and we talked briefly about the fishing and weather. He was getting bites on random things nothing specific. I started with a #14 bh prince nymph trailed by a small yellow egg pattern with a small weight in the middle. I got a couple fish right of the get go. The one fish was a really dark spawning male probably 17”, but probably weighed a good 3lbs.

The trout were in full spawn they were cruising the shore and chasing each other. When the fish are in full spawn like this, they are not as prone to eat out of hunger, but spite. The man I talked to earlier passed me by on my out and showed me that a fish had broken his Sage rod. We talked about what was going on and both hoped to be able to be back up when the fish are really feeding. I give it another 5-7 days before it gets really good. Who knows with the weather fluctuating like it is.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Steve's Deflowering

Today was Steve's first time fishing the right way. He was introduced to fly fishing still waters. It was 52-57 degrees with off and on winds of 15-20mph. We started fishing around 1 and stopped around 5. It wasn't the most ideal situation for Steve's first time on the water. He did hook onto a couple, but unfortunately he did not land them; however, he did catch one from the shore with a rooster tail. I had 4 or 5 bites, but only landed 1. It was probably 17"-18" with a slender body, but gave up a great fight. The spillway was running very strong, but had no fish I could see. I think the water is still cold enough that the fish are not quite feeding. I hope this weekend warms up and the fish will get more active with the heat.