Saturday, March 14, 2009

You Healthy?

Starting up the canyon!

Lees Ferry SGS & SPC Trip, March 13, 2009
What can I say, but what a trip! We started the trip off with dinner in Kanab on our way to Marble Canyon. We ate at a Nedra's where we watched Steve cry from eating a habanero pepper disguised as a banana pepper. Quite funny.

The next morning we got up early for breakfast and to get our licenses. We met Skip Dixon(well known guide) at the restraunt where we had some small talk about fishing and what we needed to get.

I had really wanted to fish with Skip, but I figured the guys I was with were brand new could use the extra help. It was very tough for me to do, but talking with Skip before I figured he would be a better guide for brand new fly fishers. Steve and I met our guide Jeff English. He is a New York native, but found out he has been guiding on the Ferry for 20 years.

Steve and Jeff with Lees Ferry Rainbow

We started fishing below prop bar on a little island with two different runs. Jeff started me off fishing and I landed one right away(laser midge, zebra midge). I got a couple more quick fish, but then it slowed down. Steve got started and at first he wasn't getting the hang of the casting, but with Jeff working with him, I'd say about an hour into it he looked like a pro with long drag free drifts. He kept getting fish, but couldn't land them or get them on the line. After a bit we did some drifts off the boat where Steve was fishing. I caught about 4 quick fish. We loaded up and went up to the dam, but the spot was taken by another guide that Jeff wanted to fish.

Dam! Duh.
We went to another spot right around 12 mile and fished for a bit, by then Skip and the boys had come up river for lunch. We stopped and talked about how the day was going, filled up, and we were back to it. Skip and the guys headed back down to four miles and fished the remainder of the day. I walked up from where we ate lunch, and got my drift down and landed a couple more, but had lots of hits, and many fish on. It was great, Steve caught some off the boat too.

4 Happy Customers!
We drove up to the dam again, and still people in the main runs. Jeff was pretty bummed, but the river was very busy that day compared to average days. We went down below and fished near we were at lunch. We landed and hooked a lot of fish out of the boat, but Steve caught the biggest measuring to be 17." We started heading down river and fished with the other guys at 4 mile for about 2o minutes, had a couple on glo eggs. We then ended our day of fishing, got some pics with guides and headed home. I think everyone had a great day, I know I did!