Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tying Expo Day 2

Round 2 of the expo was great. It was a lot busier today than yesterday, but there were a lot more tyer's on the floor too. I watched Marty, a guy that was part of my fly swap. He is a great guy and discovered in the mail when I got home he had sent me a couple of his dvd's as extra's with his flies. I got some great indicators from Herb. There were so many great things today. I met with Scott from Utah fly patterns. He is a really cool guy and ties great soft hackles. I watched my friend John tie ap emergers. I also watched one of his friends he fishes with at Henry's Fork tie with a nor vise. One of the great highlights was my friend Mike and I got to watch Charlie Craven tie some flies. We watched him tie a lime humpy, and we asked him to tie a juju midge for us and he did. It was really neat to watch, I have been messing around with that pattern for awhile and should have it figured out now. I definately won't miss this show again. I think Mike enjoyed it as well, even though we both wasted our $ on the raffles with nothing to show for it. I've even thought about tying next year, but who knows.

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Mike and Katy said...

That was ablast! I went home and tied a few Frumpy Grumpies and tried to make some Jujus. UV knot sense is the bomb! So you didn't win the Z? I'm still waiting for the call/e-mail letting me know I won the pontoon.