Friday, March 6, 2009

It's a secret

Today I ventured out for a couple hours to a secret little stream somewhere in the lower half of the state. I dragged Emily along to enjoy the nice weather, and ended up fishing with me. I walked up to the water and saw a fish first cast hook up on a little bugger, second fish spotted same thing. I couldn't believe it. They are small little cutthroats, but they are a beautiful little fish, almost look like browns, but are definite cuts. When I saw how eager they were to eat, I put on a dry and they were definitely looking up. I caught some fish using the bow and arrow method of casting, just learned from my friend Mike, and surprising enough it worked and wasn't to difficult. I had a fish travel 4ft down water to take a fly it was awesome. I showed Emily how to stretch and flip the line and to my surprise 2 cast 2 fish. We kept fishing bigger holes and catching fish. What a great day. Emily caught fish almost every cast, and I caught a few. I did have one fish probably about 13"(trophy) on this stream, but didn't land it. I will definitely be going back, but can't tell where it is.


winonaflyfactory said...

That cutt looked very vibrant, keep posting. I wish we had cutts here but I guess I will have to head west.

Mike and Katy said...

A "Guy I Know" might have went there last Friday and had a blast. Its very visual to see the fish swim over to my..I mean their dry and slurp it up. I..I mean they even cast to one fish over 20 drifts. Each time the little cut taped the fly with its nose, three fly changes and a little patience finally paid off!