Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Roughin Outdoors Interview. Arggg

I was up fishing a stream up 89 near Circleville today, and here's what happened. I was originally meeting Emily's family visiting there Dad, and later planned to fish at otter creek. However, I can never make it all the way to the reservoir without fishing a stream. I have yet to fish otter creek due to this problem. When I pulled up to the stream access there was DWR trucks and others down at the water. I went up to the next spot and fished streamers, figuring the water was murky i could get some hits. No such luck. I went down to get some lunch in town, but the place was closed so downed some water and cheetos and was back on it. The DWR guys had moved into my hole, and i noticed they were filming, so I snuck in for a closer look. They were electro shocking and keeping data for the state. I went back to fishing and noticed Adam Eackle from Roughin Outdoors coming my way with his camera. He asked if he could film me fish, and I shrugged "sure". I was pretty embarassed and said that it was nothing pretty, just throwing streamers, but he didn't care. He filmed off and on and we casually talked about conservation, fishing and the local area for about 30 minutes. I had a fish on while talking, but lost it. He then asked if I would do an interview, I didn't want to be rude, so I agreed. I felt like a huge douchebag, and he had the camera right up in my grill asking me questions that we talked about earlier, but with camera a foot away, I was tongue tied and looked like an idiot. He invited me over to watch the shocking process, it was pretty amazing. Some decent size fish as well.Later that day, Steve Kroff showed up and we did some fishing. We tried streamers, I had one good hit, but tried nymphs for the rest of the day. Each had some luck, I only landed one, Steve almost had one. Weird day, but great weather. I wrote an email to roughin outdoors, hoping Adam gets it and cuts out my interview, hope to save some of my dignity.


Lori said...

My husband DVRs that show all the time! I'll have to watch for you.

Tell Emily she should get a blog!

kdiddyb said...

I watch it as well. I wrote him an email after and asked him to not show my interview. I sounded like an idiot. We do have a blog now. www.kyleandemilyballard.blogspot.com

Tell Clint to call me if he's down fishing ever. I'll be at the wasatch fly tying expo this weekend. I don't remember if he ties his own, but if he does, its a great show to see.

Matt Anderson said...

Thats awesome Southern Utahs own KDIDDYB on Roughin It! Can I hear co-host? Man that interview musta been awesome! Kyle you can shoot the sh#t with anyone but I can only imagine you doing it with a camera a foot away from you. You were probably all red and blushing and shiz, man thats priceless I will have to record this one for shizzle!