Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HOT OFF THE PRESS - HB 187 is defeated!!

Breaking news -- The House of Representatives voted the Bill down today 34 – 41!!!!

The public did the unthinkable, sunk HB 187! A big thanks to everyone who wrote their Representatives, called, lobbied, informed, spoke out, went with out sleep, work, food and fishing to fight for something we believe in. Today the people spoke, and today the people were heard!

We are proud of each of you, residents and non-residents alike. Everyone played a big roll in this victory. We all came together with a unified voice…. fantastic work everyone! Wow, unbelievable.

Link to final vote -- http://le.utah.gov/~2009/status/hbil...187s2.004h.txt

Thanks for nothing Rep Last, no emails, no opinion and definitely wrong vote. I'll have to straighten him out next time I see him.

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