Thursday, June 4, 2009

Soft Plastic Baits for Thought

I had to keep this going, I got this off Moldy Chums site. Makes you think of about the earplug chuckers at Kolob.

Just got this note from Matt McKeever (Senior PR Rep from L.L. Bean department of affairs):

Greetings Moldy Chum!

Maine's Inland Fisheries and Wildlife did a study recently on how the ingestion of soft plastics harm fish...not only are they an environmental menace, fish arevoluntarily eating them...and as you might imagine, are getting harmed as a result.

In addition, by August 1, 2009, L.L.Bean Retail Storeswill no longer be offering traditional soft plastic lures and will be proud to only offer biodegradable alternatives which cost roughly the same, are just as effective and durable and breakdown naturally in waterwithin 60-90 days and within 30 days in a fish's stomach. The new assortment of biodegradable alternativesalso closely mirror the broad assortment previously represented by the traditional soft plastics L.L.Bean was offering.
Read more at the American Fisheries Society

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