Friday, June 19, 2009

No Bananas Mike

Mike heres your link you non believer. Bananas

Tough day at the ol Blue Springs, for the four of us anyways. Matt seemed to do just fine in the couple hours he was there. Started off talking to some members and listening to them tell me there is no fish in there your wasting your time. Whatever, not tough for the master, and especially when I hooked up on a nice 20" in the first 10 minutes out, also bad luck. Matt hooked up right away as well, also a nice 2o". I don't think theres any fish in there smaller than 18". Matt missed one, but ended up getting couple more nice trout. We pumped the first fishes belly, it had a nice olive damsel nymph. Fished them half the day, and nothing.

Greg Anderson made the trip with us and he had lots of action, but landed 3 I think? Steve came later in the day, and only fished a couple hours, but had no luck. Mike, what to say about this yayhoo. You would think being a supposed fishermen he would have heard that bananas are bad luck. Not Mike, he ate half a bushel on the way up, jinxing all of us. Slow day on the lake, but the weather was nice, and the fish caught were big. Next time if you invite monkey boy anywhere make sure he doesn't bring his bananas:)
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Mike said...

You're the rat fink that still thinks the world is flat. You keep your superstitions and bad science to yourself next time. Your paranoid delusions brought bad Karma to the crew!