Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pinders Pond

Headed up north to meet Mike, Dan, and Charlie. We met up at Pinders Pond and started fishing. It was an overcast day and our thoughts of monster tigers and cutthroats took over. However, thinking about catching fish is about all that happened. We fished until about lunch or about as long as we could handle not catching anything.

We then went and fished a local river. It was fairly hight, but still clear. It rained on us pretty hard for a couple hours. We dropped Charlie off to fish some tribal water, where he supposably caught fish, but who really knows:)

Mike, Dan, and I went fished on the other side of the tribal water. Dan had the biggest brown in the river on, but he decided to not land it. I sure wish he could set the hook:) I caught a couple cookie cutter browns, but nothing of size. It was fun to learn the new water, and fish with some cool guys.

We knew the fishing at Pinders could be slow when we went, but wanted to check it off the list and hoped to have better luck. It was a good trip, but the next day that Mike and I didn't fish, Charlie and Dan went out again. Charlie caught a hog, if he is cool with me posting the picture of it will be up soon. Until then feast your eyes on some scenery, fish pictures were lacking.

What Mike and I missed the next day.


Mike said...

Nice sniper shot of me not catching fish!That foul-hooked cut Dan caught is a beauty!

winonaflyfactory said...

Wow man, love the mountains. Glad to see your getting to see water.