Saturday, May 30, 2009

Woolly Mammoth

It was nice to finally catch some fish here. Even though the water was high, it wasn't as high as the other stream we also wanted to fish why we were there. I have been skunked here for awhile, but today everything came together. We started off throwing streamers hitting close to the banks and pulling fish from the undercut banks. We both caught our biggest fish of the day doing this. Matts biggest caught was 19," and mine was 18." After checking some other water out, we returned to where we started. The fish seemed to be in the deep, so we started with some nymph rigs. We started really catching them with a special fly. It was too bad, because Matt had to be home for work, so we had to head home. It took us forever to get home because of the darn tourists in Zion. He was an hour late for work. Ooops. Also, my battery to my truck was dead when we got back to my truck to eat lunch, so we push started it and it worked. Pretty cool. It was a definite high fiver.


Steven said...

Wish I could have gone too! I had to work form 8 to 4 on Sat or I would have gone for sure. Looks like yall had fun... maybe someday when I go with you we could catch something rather than scout new areas...haha

mattharrison said...

Steve, we caught fish that day! At least I brought one beauty to hand! The more I see myself in these fishing pictures the more I realize the need to buy new waders. "Frumpy old man" couldn't describe it better. Can't wait for some hoppers in that shnizzle.