Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Put your HANCOCK on it. PLEASE

For any of you not sure about what is going on with Kolob reservoir. There was a petition passed around last year at local gas stations to change Kolob back to state regulations(bait fishing and 4 fish bag limit). The division of wildlife put together a committee to see what the best management plan would be for Kolob. The committee full of non fishers and cabin(trailer) owners was a very bias committee with a definite agenda, and did not use facts to come up with there plan.

The goals of the DWR 10 years ago was to lower amount of fish put into Kolob, it was to expensive stocking the lake so much, due to amount of fish harvested. Keep a healthy population of Colorado Cutthroat in reservoir, so Cutthroat can control size and population of golden shiners. Kolob has been proven to do all of the above goals, but since petition, DWR is turning there back on management plan and scientific data. If you would like more detail, facts, please email me at kolobflyfishing@hotmail.com

I finally have it ready. If you haven't got a chance to sign the petition to protect the fishery and the Colorado cutthroat in Kolob Reservoir here it is. Also, if you know of anyone that would be willing to post it on there site or blog to help with signatures it would be a big help. Let everyone you know to sign it, we need as many signatures as we can. My goal is 20,000.

Here it is


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