Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trout and Turkeys

Today Josh and I headed up to see if we catch some fish trying to spawn. How rude are we trying to catch these guys while trying to do their prehistoric dance of love. It was great. I met a guy by the name of Neal G. He is a member of the southern Utah anglers and was part owner of the late red rocks. Kind of funny, he was wearing a orange fishing shirt and fishing in flip flops. Looked really familiar. We talked and fished most of the time talking about how ridiculous it would be to change the regulations on Kolob. Not a family fishery huh? Ty had my niece up there and a family started fishing the same bank we were on, no joke at least 4 kids running around. We also saw some of those towable cabins owners all over that every ones talking about. Families all over, kind of weird I guess when they say not family friendly there thinking about those late night fires with drunks yelling obscenities all night? I made a good friend with Neal and we've planned to meet up for a little Panguitch fishing. Fishing was good, but company was great. I've enjoyed meeting all sorts of awesome fishermen this season.

On our way home Josh spotted a turkey on some land that I knew about where we could hunt. He jumped out of the truck and popped it. Pretty good shot, and now I have some marabou for some streamers from a Kolob turkey.

they worked!


rachelle said...

I would pay big bucks to see your interpretation of the 'prehistoric dance of love.'

kdiddyb said...

i bet you would you twisted squaw.

Steven said...
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Steven said...

Those are some good looking trout! you should be ashamed about disturbing those fish! who would do such a thing. Put yourself in their fins!! c'om! sorry had to delet a comment.