Saturday, May 9, 2009

No Fish in Motoqua

Today Matt, Steve, and I tried are luck at Beaver dam wash in Motoqua. We started off the the introductions and found out Steve and Matt know each other through a good friend that is a great fishermen. We started fishing off fishing in Motoqua, this town is straight from "Deliverance". I don't know the history of the town, but get a real weird vibe. We saw lots of minnows and sculpins, but not trout. We tried many different spots on the stream, but didn't have any luck until Matt landed a 2" sucker? There were so many what we think sculpins in the water and the further we went up the bigger they got. I noticed a couple fish/sculpin that were bright yellow with black markings. I haven't found out what they are yet. The further up you got the warmer the water got as well. It was very warm at our final spot we tried. One of the tributary's Slaughter? was running into BD and it was very sketchy water. I think there were some high levels of something that may kill fish. It just didn't look very clean or healthy, no sign of life in it at all. We wondered if they locals maybe had something to do with it? they don't seem to like people snooping around. We dropped Steve off and headed to a little cow pond nearby to catch some cow pie eating bass. We got action as soon as we got on the water. Matt caught his first on a popper and I got one on a minnow pattern. It was great I ended up getting 3 to hand and Matt got 1, but he had lots of misses. I had a take on a huge frog popper, but missed it. It was a long hot day, but a good way to end the day even if it was with some bass:)

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Mike said...

Sounds like things got reeal wierd fur ya on BD.