Tuesday, May 5, 2009


KRAK (Kolob reservoir advisory committee). This is a sorry excuse to push the regulations back to bait fishing for grown men that can't catch fish on anything but bait. They are using families and kids as excuses to get further with DWR. Kolob has been a better fishery since the regulations have changed to artificial lure or fly only. They have stats about the amount of fish being caught since regulations being changed catch rate down 10%, but what they don't put in is the average size of fish being caught 35 mm longer, and 127 grams heavier . This committee is a joke, and using families and children to catch/harvest more fish is sorry excuse. People act as if there is no where they can take there kids, this is the only lake in our area besides Minersville that has special regulations. Is it a coincidence that these two lakes have the biggest fish in the lakes named below? Take your kids your so worried about to Panguitch, Navajo lake, Grandpas pond, Quail lake, Beaver mountain lakes, and all of the fishing ponds strung about St. George. Better yet, take some time with your kids and teach them a way to fish that doesn't involve sitting around drinking beer, and slapping your high school buddy's ass talking about the good old days. Even better, drive your trailer to one of those lakes. Cabin owners. LOL. Its called fishing, not catching. Read it for yourself and talk to the committee and let them know what you think.

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Matt Anderson said...

Not only are there bigger fish in Kolob, but due to the restrictions Kolob is much more self sufficient. The DWR or whoever plants fish, does not need to spend millions of dollars every year restocking Kolob. They can use that money on one of the other dozens of bait fishable lakes and ponds in Southern Utah.