Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First try at the MP

I was in SLC this weekend, Emily wanted to go to some bridal show. That was fine with me I wanted to have a shot at the middle Provo in the winter. I knew I would be going, so I gave John Schultz a call and let him know I was coming. In the past John and I had mainly fished stillwater together, but he said he wanted to catch up and needed to get out of the house anyway. I met him at his house, said hello to Susie and talked for a little bit. John also gave me some sweet beads used for spawning trout and a cool williams joseph light lanyard. We then went and fished a section of the middle Provo. It was raining, as it had all weekend. It wasn't to hard, but constant. We fished for probably 3 hours and nothing. I was shocked at how many people were fishing in the rain and cold in the middle of the winter. John says thats how it usually is and can't barely stand it generally its so crowded. We decided to go grab some food, so we stopped in Park City and had some good conversation while eating some pretty good Mexican food. Even though no fish, it was good to catch up with John again. Were waiting for the ice off at Minersville and he is going to head down here.