Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Cherry

Finally got the skunk off my back. Ty asked me to accompany him to Moab on Sunday to look at a job he was bidding. We took off around 5 and stayed in Green River. We went and looked at the job Monday morning, and then headed back home, but not without stopping for a little fishing. We got of I-15 and headed down 89. We stopped at a spot on the Sevier to fish, but not without asking for permission. We got our permission and started fishing. I started fishing with a streamer, but quickly changed to a nymphing rig. I didn't have any luck fish the deep faster riffles, but as soon as I started fishing the slower water I had some luck. I was using a brown san-juan followed by a bh red zebra midge. I was using a little weight to go along with the tungsten bead head. I started getting fairly consistent hits, but could not land anything. I finally landed a rainbow that was probably 15." It was very lethargic, but still tugged my line. I quickly hooked up another, but couldn't land it. I kept getting hits, but it was very tough hooking up. Ty was having a hard time landing them as well, but was getting consistent hits. It was very exciting to be fishing in short sleeves in January.

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