Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Try at Winter Fishing

Today I went fishing in Hatch on the East fork of the Sevier. I wanted to go to my usual places, but they weren't accessible. First, I went to the first pull off (south) and the road hadn't been drove through, and with all the snow I didn't want to push my luck. Next, I went to the other pull off (north) and the river was frozen over, except for a couple feet in the middle. Not knowing enough about winter fishing, i didn't know what to do with that situation. I explored around Hatch and ended up fishing near the cabins where I camped last time. In the whole area of cabins I only saw one person staying, so i geared up and walked to the river through someones back yard. Everyone has turkey feeders in there back yards, so there are turkeys all over, and there huge. I started fishing a stretch of very good flats and riffles. In this area the water was murky, but I thought I'd fish it anyways. I fished started off with a type of a san-juan imitation, and a hares ear dropper. I didn't have any luck, so I switched over to a zebra midge and a red brassie. I didn't have any luck. I need to learn more about winter fishing and the techniques i need to use. All and all it was a good day to be in the water the weather was nice in the 50's. I had turkeys, deer, and even a bald eagle all right next to me.