Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beaver Round 2

I decided to go to beaver a week after my last trip. This time alone. I went up around 2 and started fishing higher up the river than the last time. I pulled off the road that had a pull off with a pretty large area free of debris. I'm sure its a popular spot for fishermen, but decided to fish it anyways. I started of with a stimulator and got some hits and landed a few, but i wanted to practice my nymphing skills. I started with a flashback nymph probably a size 16. I got a lot of action off that. It was great fishing and caught a handful of fish. The fish were bigger this go around. I caught one around 10" nothing to amazing, but not fishing rivers and streams a lot i was excited. I fished for around 3 hours and then drove to cedar and went up the back way to kolob to stay with ty and april. I was so gitty due to the fishing i could barely talk without laughing. I found a new place that is so much fun and not to far of a drive.

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