Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Asay and a little Mammoth

Another day for the books. Ty and I decided to go again, so we decided to head toward Hatch, UT. We left today around 2 and got there around 4. Longer than I expected, we had to wait at the tunnel. We started fishing off the road that follows Asay Creek, before the Asay Mammoth confluence. We were having great luck, well Ty was. I caught a few, but Ty was unstoppable. He was catching them left and right. We fished dry's and nymphs. We moved around alot, but ended up at the culvert where mammoth flows into the Asay. Ty went through first and caught a very good sized rainbow, around 12-13"? It was a great fish. We caught alot of fish today, and had a great time. I think next time we'll have to fish sevier, who knows. It was a little scary driving home almost hit several deer, but made it home safely. I guess you never know who is going to be your next fishing partner. I never would have expected me and Ty to go fishing 2 in a week. It is good i hope he can keep going.

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