Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beaver River

Today I heard from a customer of mine that beaver creek had some great fish and they were biting. So.. it being Friday i thought well i better check it out. I called Ty and he was down, so we took off around 2. We got there and fished right around Doyal Smiths lot by the river and caught some small little browns, and then i hooked onto a monster brown right by the bridge. I landed it and it was around 14-15," what i thought to be pretty big for the size of the stream. We both were catching fish off and on, all of them smaller, but still fun to catch on dries. We were using stimulaters, elk hair caddis', anything that floated well. We then went into the main canyon and fished behind and around the first water station, we didn't do to well, so we drove down river and fished in a different area and both caught fish there. Ty had a few really good hits, one that we think was a lunker, but who knows. After fishing we went to dinner with the Smiths at Marias. It was good food, but great fishing. It was good to go fishing again with Ty. It had been awhile, but we picked up right where we left off. It was great.

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