Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Desert Fishing

Since I am forbidden to enter a surrounding state I've been fishing relatively closer to home. I haven't caught any hogs as of lately or really even got out fishing all that much in the past few weeks. Don't get me wrong I've been out to woolly mammoth a few times and been throwing some nasty bugs to some bass, but you can't really call bass fishing right;)

Been fishing with some chuckos. I've got to say this worm container is pretty awesome.
Redband Rainbow?
Just making sure you seen how cool it is.
Flower pictures for lack of fish, since its hard snapping pics with one hand.

What did you expect? Monsters?


Mike said...

You never said anything about WM...text me with an update on the flow status.

Matt Harrison said...

2nd fish down looks like a Bonneville Cuttie.

Clint said...

"Since I am forbidden to enter a surrounding state." By who and what state? Tell us about it....