Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old Patterns Die Hard

Although I have only fished this pattern for a year it is time for its early retirement. This pattern has won many battles and lost some pretty big wars:) I can't tell you what the secret weapon is, or the earth may fall out of orbit.
I need suggestions on what to tie, I have about 1000 of these Mustad 37160 hooks from size 2-14.

PLEASE leave your ideas under comments. Much appreciated.


Midgeman said...

In the smaller sizes they'll tie nice caddis larva, stillwater chironomids, San Juan Worms, Chamois Crane Fly Larva,Chamois Worms and Crane Fly Larva patterns in general and Pig Stickers. The big problem with the size 2s and 4s is that a lot of the original monster San Juan Worms were tied on this hook, in those sizes and they worked great for decent sized trout, but the little guys still hit them as well. The hook fell out of favor for that pattern because the hook sometimes penetrated the brain cavity or eye on the smaller trout......
You can also modify the front of the hook , bending it flat and tie some pretty decent upside down Deceiver like, relatively weedless patterns that the Bass and Wipers like....... There the size 2s and 4s would shine!

Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

Vladi's condom worm

Mike said...

If those weren't Mustads, you could use that hook for many patterns. But since they are an inferior hook, count your losses and move on. Maybe you can start you own line of "Kolob-Kyle earrings" and sell them on the side of the highway next to the jerky vendor.

kolobflyfishing said...

From the Facebook comments we have

JayMor Photography-neon nightmare
Utah Fly Patterns- Pig Stickers
BG- Stickers
Romney- Roe Clusters:)

Bigerrfish said...

listen to midge man... bend a few, worms and egg clusters is what I would do.. 14 is pretty big for caddis. How about some crawdads? size 4-6-and 8...
You have to watch mustad hooks sometimes there strong and sometimes there as week as wire. the bigger ones you have should be good but never use a size 18 mustad hook with a straight shank... your 5x will out perform that hook!

Anonymous said...

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