Friday, March 12, 2010


photo by Softhacke
Took a trip with a couple unknowns earlier this week. First unknown, drifted the Middle Green on the A section. Second unknown, met Softhacke on the Internet and went fishing with him and he wasn't a serial killer:) Thirdly, through some fat streamers and had some luck on them where before I hadn't had much. Fourthly, listening to Mikes advise I kept driving in the middle of a blizzard on our way home. The blizzard was so bad and the roads in such poor condition we got a room in Fillmore. Mike thinks because I'm from Southern Utah I'm pretty weak in my snow driving skills and I would usually agree, but the roads/storm were so ridiculous I think he even pee'd in his pants a little before we got to Fillmore. All and all a great trip, I was bummed about the North Platte trip I missed out on, but had a good time anyways. I didn't do much in the way of pictures, so I will leave them to Ken(Softhacke) and Mike(Fisheatflies). All I can say is Roosta's. BTW, I wrote this late......

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