Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bassin was Bananas

With daylight savings time giving us a little extra light at night after work me and the original crew took off for a reunion tour of some good ol bass fishing. We started on a local farm pond and had some fun with some miniature bluegill and bucket mouths. Before we ran out of light we found a pond that we new would have some hungry bass, but we never expected them to be this hungry. After the bumpy 4wd road, we found schools of monster bass ready to eat whatever we threw at them. We caught bass after bass no fish weighing less than 4lb's and the bigger ones had to be at least 7lb maybe pushing 8lb's. It was what you call an Epic day on the pond. It was good to get out with the original crew and have some of the best fishing you could have in a couple of hours. All pictures were taken on our camera phones we weren't expecting anything like this, so we left the real cameras at home. There were many more pictures, but I decided to leave a few out, we probably had about 20 pigs to hand in the 2 hours. As you'll see I grabbed the only hat I had in my truck had to keep it gangsta.


Nathan Ira said...

Holy balls, man. That's all I gotta say. I'm actually headed down your way to visit my wife's grandparents this weekend. I was hoping to get out after some of these fatheads. Was hoping Quail or Sand Hollow has started to pick up.

Oh, and nice hat chucko.

Matt Anderson said...

It is fitting that you were wearing an SPC hat considering our gang name was SPC FISHING... Epic is the appropriate word to describe yesterday

Mike said...

How'd throwin' meat with a 4wt feel? So... Friday?

kolobflyfishing said...

Only you would have noticed that. I thought I'd be fine with it I wasn't expecting anything that big. On a couple hook sets I really gave them a Bill Dance hook set and thought they were going to blow up the lighter rod. I was throwing those double articulated jobbies but didn't need to cast super far so it worked out ok. Get back home so we can go out and catch some of these on your frogs. I wanted to wait for you to catch one on the frog first.

flyfishingunlimited said...

Awesome fish and pics!!!

Mike said...

I'll try to get down there this week! I'll bring the frogs and larger rods. Thanks for the larger hooks, those larger frogs look a lot better!

Anonymous said...

None of those bass are even close to seven pounds, you're a typical bass fisherman - full of shit!

kolobflyfishing said...

Anonymous- you sound like an angry person, go fishing more:) Your right we went back with a scale then next day they were all 4-6lb's small sob's. I thought I mentioned that in the post after that? Oh well. Send me some pics of some true 7lb'ers would ya?

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