Friday, March 12, 2010

Mahola My Brotha!

Blues are sick in that picture. Whats ugly beast on the left?
What would that cost at Red Lobster?
Choke Lobsters
Work Site:)
One big lobster
My Broha has been doing his fair share of fishing on the islands. I finally pestered him enough to get some pics. I kick myself for only snorkeling on my honeymoon, and getting worked by waves body boarding. Great looking fish, well crustaceans, I'm glad to see the Ballards have there fishy sense about them even across the equator. I'm waiting on pics of the white tip reef shark he caught and some other feesh from da island...........


Ty * April said...

Okay, that is awesome. Although that first picture is pretty creepy.

kip said...

the one on the left is a slipper lobster. they are the best ones. the meat tastes super sweet.