Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally met up with James to go rip some lips. We left earlier than anyone ever wants to leave when they go fishing. We drove up to Circleville hoping to hook into some pigs with streamers, but much to my surprise when we got to the water it was about 50% less of regular flows. I heard they cut flows in the fall, but have never witnessed it. Any hope of catching some hungry browns off guard was out of the question. James hooked into a few fish from the start, it took me awhile to get warmed up, but finally got the skunk off. We fished the normal stretch, but nothing great, lots of rainbows, 1 brown James caught for the entire day? Where are the browns hiding? We drove down to Hatchtown and caught some more dinks and whitefish. With flows so low it made everything different and I'm going to have to change my game plan a little bit.

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