Monday, October 26, 2009

Pigs have all the fun........

When I say "pigs" I am not talking about the pink fat animals we get bacon from, but the other white meat, cops. Whats with these guys anyway? The oinker I was with got out of 2 police stops with no tickets. At all of these stops he thought it would be funny to mention,"hey the guy in the back is a cop hater". Not only did he not get any traffic tickets, but he caught the biggest fish of the trip.Best fish of the trip for me a fat 23" fall brown
Dan with the biggest fish this trip a nice 24 1/2" rainbow
glad he could get over that 23" mark.
Josh with a fat 21" Cutt, Yellowstone?
Narly kype on this guy
Showing off some fall spawning colors
We got spoiled the first day.
Me as Gangsta as I can be with some serious wind chills
Rockin the lumber jack hat with my friend the moose.
Moses "Josh" parting the Moose.
Dan at the last second snagging(no pun) a nice little 23" brown to end the day.


dan said...

cops gotta stick together.

Nathan Ira said...

Them's some hogs! I'm jonesin'!

clint said...

Good stuff Kyle. Not a Yellowstone cutt, I'm thinking more Fine Spotted/Snake River cutt but depends on your location.