Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Fine Fishermen

"A Fine Fishermen"
This will be a new highlight section for kolobflyfishing. If you want to show off a fish you caught in southern utah, or anywhere for that matter. "A Fine Fishermen" derives from "A river runs through it." It is the line when Paul and Normans Dad says after he catches the monster. You all remember, the memorable fish that takes him down the river. Send your pictures to

The brown trout pictured below is just under 30" and a little more than 7lbs. The stream in southern Utah where it was caught is not much wider than the length of the fish. I have fished this stream and never seen a fish bigger than 10". I'd like to think there are more of these monsters, but I think this is the last fish this big in southern Utah. Casey is a great salesmen, but a fine fishermen. If you want anything to do with ATV's you can him up in Hurricane at Moto Zoo, and while your there you can have him tell you more about how he caught this monster.

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Casey Stout said...

When you mentioned you had a blog the first thing that came to mind was "that damn Kyle has turned gay on me." After vewing what I would consider a master piece, I would have to take back all those thoughts i had. Well done my friend well done!