Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bears, Blood and the Boulders

Great trip to the Boulders with Matt and Mike. Mike made freshly caught Brookie taco's that were awesome. First time keeping a fish for me in a long time, actually Matt killed them;) We fished a couple great lakes, but only because the lakes we wanted to fish were shut down due to smoldering ashes in the forest. It was still a great trip with some of the set backs. Matt was glad that I had such great doctor skills, when I pulled a scud hook out of his ear. I didn't feel like giving him his bill right after, since he was a little pale. We ended up fishing what felt like an old friend on the way home. We had caught plenty of smaller fish and were going trophy hunting. We started with hoppers and quickly changed to streamers. We didn't have many strikes, but the fish we did get smashed the fly which is fun to watch. I spooked myself out of a 20"+ brown due to excitement. It was an overall good trip with good friends.


Matt Harrison said...

I will give you $20 right now to delete every remnant of the picture of me looking like I'm the flaming fly fisher. How does a pose like that even get caught by a camera??

kolobflyfishing said...

I call that picture the shirley temple, because your just so cute in it. lol