Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 1 in order

Went up north with Josh to meet Dan and do some fishing. We fished the same river most of the trip, but hit the Provo for a bit on Friday night.

This fish was caught amongst all the 6" Bonneville cutthroat you could want. I think Dan foul hooked it, but I don't remember.

First fish I've ever seen Dan let go. I guess he forgot his stringer.

Saw this cold one in the Provo waiting for someone to pluck it out it out of the frog water and slam it.

Here's the snake they through on my side of the car, it started climbing down the window. After the fishing Dan made us steaks at his place which were pretty scrumptious considering we ate the hind end of the cow. We went down to get some malts in Heber and ended up at Dan's place of employment, The Police Station. Dan knows that I think most cops are just plain idiots, but everyone thinks that, right? We ended up watchin police vidoes and shooting the breeze with the Sarge and some of the other cops. After a couple of hours hanging out watching videos and telling stories were just about to leave and Farva thought it would be funny to have his dog scare me a little bit. I don't like police dogs, but I guess cops aren't so bad after all.


dan said...

i didnt see anything about the little tiny snake that was on the car and you screaming like a girl and limp wrist slapping it.

kolobflyfishing said...

Its there now you donut eating cop. Throw that lassie a hot dog from me.