Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4:1 Ratio & Bad Juju

4:1 ratio is hours to fish for me Saturday. Out of 12 or 13 hours fished only 3 fish, but caught one hog so not such a bad deal, and I guess the company was okay?

Sometimes Dan feels bad for me when I don't catch fish. My hero!
Matt with a hog. Think he caught it on green sparkle power bait nuggets.
Oh look Dan caught a fish. Firefighters are such better heroes than cops.
In your face shot
Big SmileGrip'n Grin
Tying one on, something I did a lot of that day if you ask Chucko and the Donut Eater
A little golden light.
Saving the best for last.....If you think that this pig is so great because he is always catching the hogs. Well here is his secret, lots of weight to get down, just enough weight to hook the fish on the back. That's right, picture proof of Danny boy releasing his foul hooked fish something that happens for him more than not. Thanks Chucko for allowing me to shine light on this glorious fishermen. A fine fishermen indeed you might add.


Nathan Ira said...

Good lookin' fish! The hogs always make it worth it!

dan said...

remember the ten commandments kyle. you broke at least seven in the last paragraph. i see more bad juju in your future. watch seven again too, might help you be a better person. ps enjoy the honeymoon.