Monday, April 20, 2009

Not quite a guide yet!

Thanks to Mike for sneaking a picture of me. However, not very good form. I was throwing a couple flies, thingamabobber, and lots of weight. Whats with all the orange shirts?

We took off for Marble Canyon after work on Thursday. It was Mike, Ty and myself. We had a good dinner at the hotel, then headed back to the room for some fishing dvd's and Mike tied up a few flies for the morning.

We thought we woke up early enough to find some of the hot spots to fish, but I guess 5:30 wasn't early enough. We drove up to the dam to show Mike how small of a spec we would be in case ol Glen decided to burst.

We ended up fishing in the same spot that a guide had taken me to a month earlier. Mike and I started off with a couple quick fish. Mike landing one of them while I chased the boat that almost floated down the river, due to fast rising water. We kept a better eye after that. We fished hard all day, and tried about everything. Mike and I ended up with 4 or 5, and Ty landed a couple.

It appeared that it was a tough day of fishing everywhere. We got off the river around 3:30 and we had 3 guides right behind us. I didn't see too many big smiles from other fishermen, and heard from another fishermen later at home that he knew a guy that didn't do so hot the same day. I think the sun off and on put the fish down. The midges were out, but the fish seem to be put down.

A little side note, for anyone reading this at my work, I post trips at convenience. If I write I went fishing today, that day was most likely on the weekend. If I called in sick and went fishing, well maybe I felt better, or maybe just decided to use up some sick days fishing. If any problems with that please feel free to talk to me about it.


Mike said...

Thanks for the "non-guide" guided trip. I had a blast and would like to go again.

Matt Anderson said...

Ya I do the same thing on my blog. I post when I have time whether that is a month later or the actual day I went hiking!